Monday, February 6, 2012

hey hey K K

Blogging, reporting from Refuge Studio right now...

Arrived KK on a late Sunday evening around 730pm thanks to AirAsia delayed flight for 20mins. Had a nice dinner then check into the studio around 11pm plus. Spend the night listening all my songs on the album -- rough mix. All I gotta say, am excited to share that album soon with everyone.. it sounds different than the previous. Well, you will have your say when you get it but I promise it's rockier and more raw than previous -- think Lifehouse, Switchfoot, Goo goo dolls stuff.

Got to listen Jon's new live album as well..

Today, as in Monday, did 3 songs. All went well especially able to push my vocal in recording one tough song.. aiks!

Rest of the day was basically hanging out in KK...

More to say later! :D

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