Friday, February 3, 2012

to refuge I'll be..

Glad to share to EVERYONE that I will be heading back to Jonathan Tse's studio to finish up few more songs for 2nd album. YAY!!!

I admit I am nervous a bit, because I hoping the final product will be better than the first album materials, hoping everyone would love it very much. But alas, I am excited to prepare everything for the follow up to the 2nd.

Just some heads-up -- the songs are more rockier and have more 'mature' song than previous. Yes, lots of live drums, electric guitars, etc. Mature in a way that, well, I've written lots of songs after post-THIS ROAD period, which challenges me as a songwriter. Some songs are worship, but most of the songs are suitable to be played anywhere and to any ears. Well, the idea is that the songs speaks to everyone, not just to one particular crowd/people. Yea.. ambitious as I am, I hope the radio plays them :D

Been busy getting things done especially design, art direction and planning for the launch/tours as well..

So ya, it's gonna be crazy 2012.. but anyway, I am excited that I going release the 2nd one and waiting to share this joy with everyone once again.

I will try to update time to time from the studio if possible..

Pray for me, cheer for me, support me :D

Much love.

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