Saturday, April 29, 2017

Culture Syiok @ Will You cafe, 1MK

Intimate and simple gig at Will You cafe, located at 1MountKiara.

Singing from the rooftop. Lovely space here.

Stay tuned for MAY schedule. It's exciting.

Friday, April 28, 2017


While it may not hit the heights of the first but certainly one of very entertaining MCU entry and one of the fun movie of 2017‬.

Well.. why vol 1 was good is that their story was able how these a-holes (sorry, I was just borrowing their tagline) come together, to protect what turned out to be one of the Infinity stones, which raise the stakes higher. Coupled in with some serious villain like Ronan and Thanos (looming at the background), vol 1 was one of MCU's best.

So come to vol 2. Wouldn't make it as my top 5 MCU movie but like I said earlier, if there's rating for its entertaining side, this movie would be among the top. The jokes and the randomness they pulled off is really spot-on at times, especially Drax. Anyway, Vol 2 is more like explaining what GoTG have been up to for the past few years (while everything that's happening on Earth such as Civil War and Dr Strange).

First half of the movie was all fun fun (again all thanks to the randomness of the GoTG), but it was only the second half that the real plot came into play. It may comes like draggy and too late for you to connect which I guess it's down to a lot of subplots to cover but I guess the first half side which showcase the comical side of the universe masked away that shortcomings. Villain honestly didn't came in strong and bad@$$ as Ronan but overall, the conflicts this movie have centered on family. Yea.. sounds so F&F right...

Lots of Marvel fan service stuff (subtle and obvious) which is fun too. Especially that Stan Lee cameo, which actually based on a fan theory and was happy they took it, made it into reality.

There's Ego too. Kinda interesting for me to see how they pull off this character since I am familiar with it in the comics/cartoons. 

And yea, there's 5 post-credit scenes. One of it could play an important part in vol 3.

Eventually it just open up the possibilities of more MCU galactic adventure.

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Enjoyed it all in all, probably something that I needed.

Interesting note that before the movie started, Disney attached a preview for a certain movie.That should give you reasons to go in early (or on time)

RATING : 8/10

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Iron Fist

Marvel geek like me always love anything that is Marvel.

But to find out that my wife also watching this.. ah.. really #relationship or #marriage goals.

Yes, we often watch this together.. along with other superhero theme series..

To keep this review short and simple, it's true that Iron Fist is probably the most disappointed Marvel/Netflix series. I tried to watch it with open mind despite all the internet reviews, well.. like I mentioned, the reviews are true.

It's not that bad bad.. just that after all the standards set by its previous shows (Daredevil, Luke Cage and Jessica Jones), this just fall short.

The only positive I see is that his appearance completes the jigsaw puzzle of assembling the Defenders.

I can only look forward to Defenders now.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

dead conversation

I am someone who is open to discussions and who would open my heart to share. At the same time, I actually do appreciate people for doing the same with their time and effort.

Because through talks and discussions, we can address and clarify issues, questions and doubts. At the end of the day, learn something to make ourselves better.

But today, I experienced one of those discussions and conversation where I felt my time was wasted. The reason why I opened to discussions at that time because I want to see things move on through the process of learning. Instead, I felt my intentions and discussions were misunderstood.

Make things worse, the impression I got from the other party is that person doesn't want to change and thinks it's other people's fault.

Honestly, I am so disappointed. At some point, I wished the conversation not even taken place if it turns out that disappointing but what to do. We live in an imperfect and fallen world, as I always say.

Worst discussion I am in? Harsh to say but probably it's one of. Been to worse before but this joins the list.

Honestly, you can say what you want but the fruits often show more than you talk.

There are a few ways or angles I can view it but for me, if anyone doesn't want to change and improve, that's the person's problem. For me (or others), time for me to move on and do what needs to do.

Why I am sharing this? It's just a reminder that in reality, often there are those who are high on their own chair and doesn't come into discussions with open mind. Just selfish towards what they want and not understanding what's discussion is all about. It's always a challenge to be the sane one in situations like this so if you are in my position before, be strong and learn.

I wish everyone learn the art of fruitful discussions.

.. nothing to do with bananas and apples yea...

Sunday, April 23, 2017


I been waiting for some time to share it. Sometimes I love to but maybe I scared of backlash. But after today, I realized sometimes people needs to know the reality.

This weekend has been one of the most tiring weekend I had in recent times.

Especially after one long crazy session of worship on Saturday then preaching on Sunday. Coupled with handling ministry matters. Details, details, details. Then, I had a series of unfortunate events. Haha, not that kind of movie/storybook/series.. but yea. I never felt so exhausted emotionally, physically and spiritually in recent times.

So tired that I cancel all my outing/dating plans for the long weekend. Thankfully, my loving wife understand it.

Even if I can go on, I running beyond empty fuel/tank. Sometimes way beyond it. Way powerful than any petrol out there. You may say Jesus is the fuel eventually, well, true but sometimes we need to admit to our human side to know and realized we need Him.

Even Jesus, in the Bible, we learnt that after a long ministering period, he too retreat and spend some time to recuperate. As years goes by, I understand why.

When you give your best, when you pour out your life.. sometimes you need to fill back that "tank". As human-ly as we are, we need that.

So I just want to say that I apologize if sometimes I turned down invitations to go for meals or going anywhere for socializing because most of the time, I need time and space to "recover". It's not because that I am anti-social, it's because I really need to rest.

Even if I joined, I am not sociable as I (or you) would like. I will probably be quiet. Probably "busy playing my hp" (which my wife would be not pleased) or probably not making sense when I talk.

Now I understand why some pastors that I know doesn't go out that often. It's not that we don't want to socialize, God knows we love to, but in reality, you cannot fathom how exhausting that person went through.

Lately I going through a period where everything comes fast and furious. I know it sounds like that movie but literally it is. Honestly, a lot of times I feel I could have handled some of the situation better if I was in a better or healthier self. So emotionally, I know I reacted badly to a lot of things. For that, I am really sorry. We can't be perfect no matter who we are.

Sometimes I feel annoyed that I have to apologize for things that is not really my fault at the first place but what to do, we live in a fallen world.

That's why we need God's grace. Something I preached about today and still important for everyone to learn. 
Some people have asked over the years if I want to "go away for retreat". I do actually but somehow the timing haven't been right, I can't be selfish or irresponsible to dump what I do and be away. I rather make sure all is well than to let my retreat be interrupted. 

But anyway, please remember me in your prayers. It's never a battle against flesh and blood, but a spiritual one.

Meanwhile, I am always thankful for people who worked hard to support the ministry I am in. From worship team to ushers to leaders to friends and family, and especially my wife. Thank you all for making life worthwhile.


Hoping for MU's win later at Burnley... >P

Saturday, April 22, 2017

night of worship

Tonight was something I won't forget in a hurry. Loved how God moved and how we respond with our heart of worship. 

Reading some testimonies and seeing the pictures of every cell groups warms my heart to know our God is moving. 

And His love is unstoppable 😃I don't know where God will lead us from here, but I can only believe He prepares the best for those who believe in Him.

My heart is just grateful for everything that happened tonight. This year have been ups and downs but God is good, all the time.

And all the time, He is good.

Thank you all for making this night wonderful. All glory to Him! 

May this be our breakthrough in the "year of restoration"