Monday, July 16, 2018

allez les bleus

Glad as well that France won. Like I said, at first I rooted for them then during group stage, I wasn't convinced by my choice but they have turned up the heat once they entered the knockout round.
A commentary pointed out that each matches that they were involved, they were able to adapt to the opposition play, which made them rise up to the occasion.

The final itself - full of drama. That speaks a lot of the World Cup so far.
what a final. Credit to both teams for a superb final.

And I say this again and again, what a World Cup. Really enjoyed the games and goals.

well, at least England was something from this World Cup too, congrats Harry Kane .. the golden boot is coming home instead...hahaha

And congrats Luka Modric, at least a trophy to honour the hardwork of Croatia 


Sunday, July 15, 2018

worship team fellowship

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Wonderful worship team fellowship today. Loved the vibes from everyone, may we continue to honour God together in this ministry

Thursday, July 12, 2018

not coming home :(

Not happening.. isn't it? :(

well.. Belgium v England but 3rd place playoff

But well done England for going this far..

Everyone can mock and say what they want about the England team but I am still proud of what they achieve in this World Cup. Like I said previously that I wasn't expecting them to progress far but they proved me wrong, by reaching the semis. I hope this is a start of a promising future for England.

Anyway, France v Croatia will be a good final as well. Credit to them for giving us a final to look forward to. France gets my vote in this final, yup, I said it now.

And to say it again, this year's World Cup have been fun

Sunday, July 8, 2018


Honoured to call these folks champs, friends and partners in kingdom of God. I am always blessed by their heart and passion for God in the area of worship/music.

I still remember years ago, someone in my hometown church gave me the "SoldOut" album as Christmas present and I remember watching the dvds & listening to the songs in there.. I think this is where I fell in love with you Frenniel Batiancila.. hahaha... jk jk jk...

I also have that "Changed" album too, though I can't remember how I got my hands on it...
On the serious note, their albums is one of those local Christian albums that inspired me to write songs that is birthed for the local church and community. Many years on, a lot of them in there are wonderful friends of mine and by God's grace, I wrote some songs with them especially one particular song which featured in their latest album.

God is amazing, isn't it.. only He can come out with such scripts...

Looking forward to hear more songs from them and partnering with them

Saturday, July 7, 2018

#TL2018moviewatch : Antman & Wasp

ANT-taining and fun.

After a heavy and emotional Infinity War, Antman&Wasp is a nice movie to unwind to. Enjoyed all the punchline in it and the characters in it especially Luis - always the joker.

Nice chemistry between Paul Rudd and Evangeline Lily although a lot of folks would point out that this round, Wasp gets a lot of play time. Haha, oh well.

And yes, there's 2 post-credit scenes, especially one has to do with Infinity War (not surprisingly) and also, the usual standard of Stan Lee cameo.

All in all, a nice dessert-kind-of lovable movie to have before the main dish comes again, in the form of Captain Marvel and Infinity War (so-called) pt 2.

Rating : 8/10

Friday, July 6, 2018

QF of WC2018 tots

Quarterfinals of #worldcup is today!! kinda pumped and excited about it.

Some people asked me which team I support, well tbh, by default I support #ENG but the reason I am a bit unenthusiastic for them is because in the past WCs, they always seems to falter in the competition. This team had a good record during qualifiers but not impressive. Now after a few matches in the World Cup, they proved me wrong and actually I am impressed by the team spirit that they have. I reckon they have a good chance to go far but I am trying not to be optimistic, because anything can happen in football, so let's take one match at a time.

tbh, for this WC, I rooted for #FRA because they looked impressive going into the WC, but so far they are not in full gear. First off also, I wasn't happy with the squad that they picked for the WC. But it seems they are picking up the pace now, they could have a chance tonight.
Another talking point so far have been this VAR system. You can see that it does make a lot of difference to the match decision, whether for good or bad, even though it may disrupt the flow of the match. All in all, I think it could be the way forward for FIFA/football.. because sometimes some matches are really decided by crucial decisions..

Anyway, this year's World Cup have been fun.. I admit I enjoyed the matches, the goals, the hype of it compared to previous WC..(not forgetting all the trolls and meme).. partly maybe due to limited access I had that time and viewing timing is difficult to follow..

And who knows by any crazy chance... it could be #FRA v #ENG in the final? hahaha.. that would be tough for me...


He is basically say HI fellas....