Thursday, May 17, 2018

#TL2018moviewatch : DP2

What a time to be a Marvel fan. 2 straight awesome Marvel movies (even though they are technically still different studios).

DP2 is fun fun fun all the way. Ryan Reynolds is having a blast being Deadpool. In the midst of jokes and fun, gotta credit the way the story was written. It was well done, consider Deadpool is a not-so-serious character.

Not surprise that a lot of fans already said this is better than Infinity War. Then again, it's tough call for me personally, because both movies are fun in its own way. You know.. comparing orange with apple?

Lots of Easter eggs and pop culture references, which some would need you to be eagle-eyed to catch it.

And the mid-credit scenes probably the best that any Marvel-kind of movies that has done.

Btw, don’t bring your kids to watch this movie. It’s Deadpool, ok?

Meanwhile, their marketing side have been crazy. It's fun all the way too.

Even MU gets tied-in too. That's what happen you make a deal with Fox studios.

RATING : 9/10

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

day 135

Past 1 week have been crazy times for this country.

I think most of us have never been so tense during this historic moment especially when we find ourselves gluing to social media for election results and updates.

I am not sure about whole KL or beyond KL, but past few days here have been very peaceful and traffic flow have been superb. Well done Malaysians for making sure these few days is peaceful and trouble-free.

If only everyday is like this, I am a happy man! Hahaha.

Yes, those few days of break allowed me to catchup on my assignments so I am glad I was able to.

On serious note, I know it's very emotional taxing for a lot of people these days. However, there are a lot of posts going around as well about the next part of change is us in terms of attitude. I totally agree with it and I don't think I need to go full length about it. For starters, perhaps we need to be mindful of our social media attitude. Be kind to one another, stop judging people for little details, because sometimes we do not know the full story.

Meanwhile, I read an amazing testimony by my course-mate this morning about praying for this nation and that really encouraged me. There's always hope, all in God's timing.

Congratulation to Dr Mahathir for being the 7th Prime Minister of Malaysia.

Meanwhile, let us all do our part in making this country beautiful

Thursday, May 10, 2018

KL journal

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On the night where history was made in this beautiful country, it was special to be singing songs of hope and love on a public platform

Congrats Tun Dr Mahathir for being the 7th Prime Minister of Malaysia. May God bless you with many years of strength and wisdom to govern this beautiful nation.

Thank you to those came out tonight and Open Mic Malaysia for making me the featured act for tonight.

Next do is the big one which is Ignite Conference. What a time to keep the momentum going. So come come come, drop me a PM about it.

Pic credit : my wife Audrey

Tuesday, May 8, 2018


What a week!

Usually I preached twice in English services but for this weekend, my boss did a little switch up for me to preach on Saturday and BM. Thank God for His strength and seeing how God move is really incredible stuff.

Thank you to those who send me encouragement notes. All glory to God. Indeed, it’s through community where we can experience God’s power.

Yup, talking about that.. here's one example of community in God.

Well, what was supposed to be a normal evening of grocery shopping & dinner turns into somewhat a blessed time. Me and wifey thought of a quick dinner at Harvest Ground - just chill and have quiet visit but we somehow endup having dinner with one of our close friends, Shirley (the boss there) who was so happened having her dinner there. Apart from the good food, it was a blessing to hear all her testimonies & catching up about life.

Before we left, we prayed for each other, in front of the shop.

Sometimes we can plan our day, but sometimes God just add some "spices" to make it better.

Just hoping that little testimony would encourage you all a bit. I know these past or even coming few days can be emotional. But whatever happens, stay strong and don't get carried away by things or news. Do what you suppose to do (vote, etc) and most importantly, pray.

Pray for peace throughout this week and after election.
Pray for wisdom for all voters. (Proverbs 3:21-23)
Pray for forgiveness. This is really important, as forgiveness will set us free from spiritual and emotional bondage as we seek God's will.
Pray for protection for those going to vote and this nation overall.
Pray for safe travels for everyone.

May you all have a blessed day. To those who are traveling, safe journey and Godspeed.

Sunday, May 6, 2018

IGNITE countdown

We are less than 3 weeks away from igniteconferencefcc
All of us who are involved in one way or another are really pumped and excited for it. We really hope you all can be part of what God is doing. As I shared on the weekend, being part of community is where we can experience LIFE!!
So, join us on 25-26 May!
Remember us in your prayers as well, we really need it.
Let’s IGNITE!!

Pic credit : Victor Lee

Thursday, May 3, 2018

it's gotta be MAY

My mind and hands are pretty full these days - 3 sermons to prepare for these few days, 2 college assignments, Ignite preparation, camp planning, a gig coming up.

Yup, so I have no excuse to say life is boring. But do pray for me for strength and wisdom, there's always this sense of excitement mixed with overwhelming.

At the meantime, I urge you to pray earnestly for this country. Acknowledging God is watching over this country is a right mindset to begin with, while we fulfill our responsibility to vote.

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Meanwhile, if you want to know if you "survived" Thanos' "snap-pening", click .. you can thank me later.. hahaha...