Monday, March 27, 2017


 To be honest, March have been muchhhhhh ... well.. busy month.

So excuse me if I haven't been updating a lot. Besides what you see (soon here), there's a lot of pastorial work behind-the-scenes which have been challenging but God's grace is always enough. I guess that's keeps us alive.

Starting from 1st March, here's how March been...

Preached at Nilai Uni CF. Blessed for that opportunity.

Hanging out with Ps Darren and his Tawau group. They were here to attend worshipcentral conference and we hangout a bit here and there.

The closest I get to meet Tim Hughes in person (March 3rd).

Worship team gathering. It was a good. (March 5th)

 Short catchup with Bishop John (March 8th)

 Celebrating Nigel Chin's belated birthday (March 9th) at Omaya.

 Having the maestro Ming foo and Danny Kinchang to teach the worship team about soundcheck (March 11th).

Surprise appearance at Frontera (March 14th)

 Discovered UFO tarts at Tmn Desa (March 15th)

 Exploring Sunway Velocity mall (on 15th March) and we caught in the Original Cake fever.

Had a peek at Everynation church setup (March 16th)

Of course, short retreat at Labuan.

Well.. like I said.. grace from God have kept me going. Lots to share but I think I haven't a serious thought on sitting down and just write about it. So.. yea...

April is soon though...

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Power Rangers movie

Power Rangers movie gets the thumbs up from me. 
Enjoyed it, and love the "easter egg" nods in the movie. Yea, perhaps fans like me would actually catch those clever nods that were inserted in it. 
Honestly, I find it clever how they able to incorporate some elements from the tv series into more serious tone. And the cameo nearly got my inner child screaming.

Just few cons like I wished there's more action scenes but I can forgive them for trying their best to establish the story.

Megazord can be better? na... not getting into that debate.

Don't say I didn't warn you.. there's mid-credit scenes...

And yea, please spare my other friends from spoilers or else I will send Rita Repulsa after you. Kidding. If you like to know more about those easter eggs and questions about the movie after you have watched it, you are welcome to PM me.. or maybe we can have discussion with coffee and Kripsy Kreme.

Or I will probably write another entry that focus on those nods in future once the weeks goes? Let's see.

I wouldn't want to compare this with the first "movie" (yea, the one with Ivan Ooze as the villian) but hopefully this version (and sequels to come) won't go for a downfall like Transformers movie.

Good enough for fans and unknowns.

Ranting : 8/10

PS : I like that they actually acknowledged "Super Sentai" for the whole franchise (in the rolling credits). Nice.

Friday, March 24, 2017

Labuan again

Was in Labuan again, this time for Diocese Clergy/Pastors Retreat.

1st time was during Theodore Kong's wedding. And this trip, sponsored fully by Diocese. So all I need to do is to go there and enjoy.. and also, spending money on duty-free stuff.

I am greatly blessed by the hospitality of the COHS staff team and their church members. They go great lengths to ensure all of us have an enjoyable retreat here and for that, I am really thankful. Love their heart and it's something worth mentioning. May God bless you all!

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Of course, love the food here. Especially mee sasak

So yea, Labuan, your food is awesome.

Giving thanks to God for this big family. I am glad for past few days that i am able spend some time with them. Hearing their sharing, getting some wise counsel, laughing and eating together. Even, having sports together. May God bless this wonderful family.

Safely arrived home on Thursday night. With buck-load of chocolates. Hahaha

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Look to the Son

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"Oh, we look to the Son, set our eyes on the Saviour" - @hillsongworship
Just wanna encourage all my peeps out there, don't giveup on God because He first didn't giveup on you.

Stay strong and I pray He will be your source of hope.

Saturday, March 11, 2017


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Special shoutout to Ng Ming Foo and Danny Kinchang for coming and investing their time to pass their passion about sound to the church worship teams. I am grateful that not just the soundcrew were there but the rest of the worship team members were around to learn together too. I think it's important everyone come to learn and understand what it is all about so it helps in the team's communication with each other.

Anyway, thanks for coming, everyone. Keep up the passion in serving Him! #ilovefcc #fcclife

Wednesday, March 8, 2017


Kong was a wonderful monster film. Enjoyed it very much. If you are into these kind of genre, I believe you will enjoy it too. 

Personally, it wipes out the memories of watching the previous King Kong version that was directed by Peter Jackson. Not too bad but of course, this version has much more Kong action and tension. 

Heads-up, don't rush off after the movie, a very important post-credit scene.

No spoilers here so you can enjoyed that scene too. And please don't comment here if you watched that scene for benefit of others. Kinda expected that scene especially you have been following the whole production process of the film. It keeps everyone excited though!

Rating : 9/10