Monday, February 13, 2012

RIP Whitney

On 12th Feb, the whole world was rocked by the news of the passing of Whitney Houston.

I join the whole world in agreeing that she has an awesome voice and a great singer. What amazing talent. But in the midst of it, part of me sad to know that at some point of her life, fortune and fame got the better of her in her head which nearly destroyed her career as a singer.

It's a lesson that we should manage our talents properly and with responsibility.

To re-quote Patrick Leong's FB status :--

"THERE CAN NEVER BE ANOTHER. The passing of Whitney Houston was unreal. Watching the coverage on CNN was simply a stunner, unbecoming of the fate of such an amazing individual that has captivated the millions around the world. Her VOICE taught me control and confidence over the years that helped me discover techniques and identity in my own vocal ability.
I never thought I'd see this fateful day for Ms. Houston. GOD gave her the talent as HE also gave those of us the ability to sing to our Calling. With that talent comes great responsibility and accountability for the benefit of oneself to discover and receive. The choices we make in life either enhances the talent or destroys it. We've often heard the saying 'there's only one life", likewise we only have one go at our talents.
With GOD, there's security and sustainability preserved, in our talent when we dedicate our lives and talent to Him. With the world, it is a time-bomb waiting to snuff you out. Choices we make in life has a definite outcome and consequence that follows. Know where you stand. God Bless"

Anyway, this post is to join everyone in the world to pay tribute to her, who inspire many singers out there.

Even though a lot of people will remember her for that song "I will always you", my favourite song from her would be this. Beautiful.

RIP Whitney.

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