Friday, February 17, 2012

this city I love

This might be one of the most honest post I typed..

Ya, I was saying that I met Kelvin from 1am ministry and we discussed a lot of things. Basically about partnership and see how we can work together in reaching to the community with creativity that is given to us by God.

I learn a lot from him, he has lots of good points. We even shared our passion and encouraged one another in our ministry, be it music or social work.

I thank God for the chance to sit down and talk with him. As tired I can be that time, furthermore there's lots of things we discussed that I need to digest, I was reminded of my calling and why I serving Him full time.

Now before that, let me bring some FAQ, thanks the discussion that triggered me to do so..
A lot of people questioned me why work full time, why work at KL (not Ipoh or Sabah), why doing what you doing right now...

One by one, here we go -- in my church FCC, there might be tendency that some might be send to Sabah etc. So some asked why I don't want to work there. But honestly, since day one I entered full time, I was sure as crystal clear that my heart is here at the West Malaysia. For me, there's so much I want to do and give back to the West. No offense, I think Sabah has lots of resources and a lot of people responding there (though I might into a little trouble for saying this.. haha..) but seriously, here are the West, there's a need for young people to rise up and make a difference.

Oh, to another question that's little similar to that, if I ever return to Ipoh, just say if God calls me to return, I will do so BUT right now, I don't think it's the time yet and I don't think He wants me yet. Just wait the Boss up there in heaven says so...basically what i am trying to say is if He wants me to be here, I be here.. if somewhere in the east, I be there, or north or south.. yes, sounds like "send me I will go".. if He convicts my heart...
Right now, right now, I'll be around KL because there's so much to do in this modern jungle...

After few years working, it became clear and I searched my heart each year, and yes, the call is still the same. I should make a difference here. I believe God has a reason for me to be here. Every year I praying for open doors and now I can see some are being open. Well, it's about God's timing at the end of the day. Really.

One thing Kelvin mentioned that struck me is "mission field not necessary must be outstation"..

It's true. Many think if we go outstation, get 'disconnected' from modern techs, get hands dirty with no clean water/food then after few months come back -- it's mission! But it's actually more than that... it's really a difference picture altogether. There are many mission field out there waiting to be explored.. no wonder Jesus said "the harvest are plentiful but the workers are few.." (Matthew 9:37)

Acts 1 is interesting and reflects what I want to say. Acts 1:8 says "but you shall receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witness in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth." We are called to impact those around us.. make it simple.. those close to us(Jerusalem), then bigger crowd of community and nation (Judea and Samaria) and then the world.

So what is your mission field? It may be a particular country, a particular city, or even your office and classroom.

There's lots we can do for God especially our community. God's heart is always for the people. If we love God, we gotta get His heartbeat.. and His heartbeat is for His people. It's like any loving relationship -- if "someone-we-love" loves Man United, I am sure you will support Man United too..

Our relationship with God is not just the horizontal relationship, but the vertical.

I hope all of us can search our hearts and see where our mission field is.

Bluetree/Chris Tomlin's song said it well -- "greater things that yet to come, greater things still to be done in this city"

That's why I thank God for my conversation with Kelvin because it reminds me of what I am doing, my calling, my passion.

To end, I just want to do something unusual, instead using that Chris Tomlin song, I just want to be radical by using this mainstream song by Patrick Stump. Okay, lyrics-wise doesn't sounds "sound" or right but I like chorus that says..

"This city is my city and I love it, Yeah, I love it..I was born and raised here.. I got it made here..And if I have my way I'm gonna stay.."

I want to love what and where God planted in my heart. Despite the rubbish this city have, I want make a difference here.. I want to.. well.. seeking God for His directions =)

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