Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Luminous throwback

There is so many happenings these few days so I know this comes late.

Luminous event was literally luminous. Event was more than "lit". The "thank you" list will be long but I really wanna thank everyone that came and those direct or indirectly involved in many areas of this wonderful night. We all really light up the atmosphere.

When it went on FB live awhile... 

Food trucks!

The amount of preparation put in was crazy. I am quite humbled by the effort despite the shortcomings. I love my church. I wish people would appreciate them more than they should.

Had a fun time in "lighting and music" segment too. I did 2 slots, Rebecca Lo and Grace Pang took one each. Both did well. I had fun especially in the 2nd slot which leads up to Christmas countdown.

A video posted by Tim Lim (@timlim12) on

one of the walkthrough scene.Stay tuned for more pictures once it's up on FCC FB.

Even though the night was fun and all, my prayer is that the message of being the light of the world impacts and inspire you to be one. 

Before Jesus was born, hope seems lost and the world was in darkness. His coming has brought light and those who knows the light are called to experience Him fully and to live it out that light.

Let's light up this world when all seems groom and dark.

Looking forward towards greater things to come. 

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