Sunday, January 26, 2014

thank you FCC

There are many times during this weekend, so-called "final" weekend before KK, it was hard for me to describe exactly what I am feeling.

Mixed feeling of overwhelming and humbleness. Sad and happiness.

I said it before that no one can write my script of life like God. It's really amazing as I reflect back the journey I had here in KL. It's gonna take me a long time to type that whole testimony but anyway, I realized I spend nearly 9 years here in KL. Despite what people say about KL, I honestly enjoyed my life here.

As I face another exciting chapter of my life, first and foremost, I must thank this family called FCC. Like any family, we have good times and.. well.. not-so-good times. We laugh, we cry, we argue together like a family. But through every season, I believe God has molded this family to be a family that is ever-growing and ever-loving for Him.

Of course, this family will always have a special place in my heart. Thanks for accepting me, thanks for guiding me, thanks for understanding me, thanks for working together for His kingdom.

As much some of you said you are impacted by my presence, same can be said for me.. your lives have impacted me very much.

Thank you for everything and I apologized for any shortcomings.

To quote a statement I was tagged in on Facebook -- "goodbyes are not forever, goodbyes are not the end"

I am sure we will cross paths again. I am sure in future I will be back, but I will not put a duration to how long I will be away. Either ways, we will see each other in heaven in future.

It's just really God's timing that the sermon over the weekend was entitled "grace at work". To echo what Ps Stella said, indeed it's God's grace that covers our life.

In every single details. Yours, mine, this church, this diocese, this nation.

I believe it's all His grace that we all are experiencing =)

All in all, I believe God's ultimate plan for us all. Stay faithful to Him, for His love endures forever.

Much love.

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