Friday, July 7, 2017

#TL2017moviewatch : Homecoming

It's Spidey's homecoming.

Very appropriate, after development problems with Sony and it needed Marvel Studios' help to boost its silver screen outing.

And yes, Marvel studios got it right. Not surprisingly.

Straight to the point, the movie hits the home run. All the right notes were reached.

Spidey is one of my favourite Marvel character and for me to see they finally got the character spot-on brings joy to me. Tom Holland is spot-on as Peter Parker.

Not saying the other Spiderman movies were bad. They were good, then as the journey unwind, it lost its identity.

Anyway, homecoming was fun. I had plenty of laughs, the whole cinema really cracked up by the jokes. Loved how it fits in the MCU picture. There was concern if the other MCU characters would overshadow Spidey but somehow it didn't. There were still some space for Peter Parker/Spiderman to grow as a character.

Some of the surprises, man, they put it out well.

my rating : 9/10

I am not bias but I really loved this movie.

As usual, as per Marvel movies, there's 2 post-credits scenes which you shouldn't miss out.

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