Monday, July 3, 2017

hi July

well, some Monday Motivation sharing for you all..

Yesterday was supposed to be exciting Sunday to kickstart July but mid-day, I received unexpected news that happened at work. It was really bad timing and long story short, didn't have any peace after that. It's not what I want to feel as I stand in public. Took some time to calm down and prayed. Eventually, all worked out well.
That's life to you. Sometimes things happen when you thought the water is calm. 
To be honest, there's so many things going in my mind. Even when I went home, I needed some time to quiet down, let everything sink in. All the feelings, the good and not so good. Yes, my mind keep thinking a lot. And I prayed. I tried to calm down by playing my app games. My prayer after all was whatever it is, I will trust in God.

Right before I sleep, someone famous contacted me and asked me if I would like to feature in his venue. Totally out of the blue. I take it as God's affirmation that He is in control. He honour us when we honour Him. 

Work hard, keep hustle, believe in God with whatever you have.. eventually doors will open.
Like I said, life is short.. so stay positive and just take strides.

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