Tuesday, April 25, 2017

dead conversation

I am someone who is open to discussions and who would open my heart to share. At the same time, I actually do appreciate people for doing the same with their time and effort.

Because through talks and discussions, we can address and clarify issues, questions and doubts. At the end of the day, learn something to make ourselves better.

But today, I experienced one of those discussions and conversation where I felt my time was wasted. The reason why I opened to discussions at that time because I want to see things move on through the process of learning. Instead, I felt my intentions and discussions were misunderstood.

Make things worse, the impression I got from the other party is that person doesn't want to change and thinks it's other people's fault.

Honestly, I am so disappointed. At some point, I wished the conversation not even taken place if it turns out that disappointing but what to do. We live in an imperfect and fallen world, as I always say.

Worst discussion I am in? Harsh to say but probably it's one of. Been to worse before but this joins the list.

Honestly, you can say what you want but the fruits often show more than you talk.

There are a few ways or angles I can view it but for me, if anyone doesn't want to change and improve, that's the person's problem. For me (or others), time for me to move on and do what needs to do.

Why I am sharing this? It's just a reminder that in reality, often there are those who are high on their own chair and doesn't come into discussions with open mind. Just selfish towards what they want and not understanding what's discussion is all about. It's always a challenge to be the sane one in situations like this so if you are in my position before, be strong and learn.

I wish everyone learn the art of fruitful discussions.

.. nothing to do with bananas and apples yea...

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