Wednesday, February 15, 2017

14 feb

I know everyone have their ideas on this day. Whether you are in relationship or not.

And it's true that you don't need just a particular day to show your love. It should be everyday.

But anyway, mine was pretty much simple but I make it the best for my wife. She loves surprises and special things so ya, we celebrate it like any other days we would celebrate our love.

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We ate at Las Carretas USJ. Even though there's a lot of people and clearly it got the restaurant personnel busy (be it waiter/waiteress, cooks, manager), we enjoyed the food and environment.

 Well, at the end of the day, she always deserves the best =)

So folks...

No matter who you are, what you been through, what's your status like... be assured God has the best for YOU! =)

And treasure people around you. Whether your family or friends.

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