Thursday, July 14, 2016

countdown to wedding - 4 months and 5 days

To who may concern..

I kinda figured this warrant a blog post instead of a simple update on social media. I think a lot of people kinda asking how is our wedding preparation.

Quick answer : generally, so far alright. Far from perfect but we managed get the ball rolling on a lot of things.

Since she moved over from KK, we have been busy doing researching together and shopping. We been going literally everywhere in KL to look at suits, decorations and everything may concern the wedding.

It has been honestly very tiring because I have to sacrifice my day off and my rest-time to settle all these things. The travels, the cost, the disappointment (at times). For me, it's a small price to pay to prepare for a lifetime event. The satisfaction on her face when progress is done is always priceless sight. At the same time, I am trying to juggle everything that concerns me to the best that I can. Not perfect but we are getting there. There are other details to look into but we are getting there.

So yea.. not that perfect yet but we manage to get a lot of things done. Guestlist pretty much sorted out, we have look around for the "perfect" dress, materials for our decoration and I think I got my wedding suit sorted out. There are other minor details sorted out too.

I think the stress of preparation gets in my head at times because I admit I do get annoyed by people who pushed me off the edge by saying I am not doing anything (whether it is concerning my wedding or my ministry or other things).

But then, the grace of God always calms me downs and made me just move on with life because there are bigger things in life to worry than words of people. Whether these words are out of love or not, I let God decide. Well, that is me who thinks life is simple. In fact, sometimes life can be simple. It's us who always make it complicated. Unfortunately most of the time.

Or maybe if you judge by what you see (in person or social media) then you are missing a bigger picture. The thing is this, no one really knows how much one is going through. There is so much tears and joy were involved. I never asked for anyone to take pity on me (or us) but some sense of understanding makes a difference. It doesn't have to be words sometimes, it can be simple action.

But I want to thank those who came out and offered to help us. There's a person who offered to sponsor my cakes and desserts which I am so grateful for. Mum recently offered to give me a few kitchen things for free. Simple things like these does make a difference to both me and Audrey. Even some of you came up to us and offered to help. Sometimes I wondered what help I can asked from you.... maybe closer to time, we will see. There's a lot on the plate, so time can only tell. Most importantly at this point, prayers and some understanding is very helpful.

So there goes my idea of simple wedding. Once you factor in a lot of things, I guess that idea of simplicity is out of the window. hahaha.

One of the advice we got is to enjoy the whole process and I think I can speak on her behalf that we are actually enjoying it despite the struggles. We both know that it's never going to be easy but we will make it. It's a learning process which only both of us have to go through. However, we never lose hope on God who is greater than anything and we always trust that He provides. Whether in material or spiritual matters.

There. Some updates. But really, we are excited just as much as you are.

Cheers and much love.

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