Monday, May 23, 2016

ADOP, Faith and Fa Cup win

My life have been busy and tiring.

But it always been exciting and thrilling. 

So yet again, it has been another incredible weekend.

From ADOP to preaching and to MU's FA Cup win.

Yea, especially Saturday. Early morning leading worship at GCC as part of the ADOP2016 event then to preaching at both English services on weekends. So I was going from one place to another.

I was so tired that I didn't watch MU's match. I guess i knew it will go to extra-time, so I didn't risk it. Had a good rest then wokeup to read that MU won the Cup. Best wakeup and cheerup news for Sunday!

But nothing can top the joy of hearing testimonies of people experiencing healing because of God's word. Praise God! I was preaching from Matthew 9:20-22.

Another crazy week ahead but I am excited to see what God is doing

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