Thursday, March 17, 2016

Penang trip

Tuesday-Thursday was staff retreat at Penang.

Penang was a place I been waiting to go again, because my last visit there was during my youth which is close to 10 years ago. Well, since then, I reckon Penang changed a lot, moreover I visited the other side of Penang which is nearer to Batu Ferringhi.

This time around is closer to the heart of Penang.

I kept reading and hearing about the food. Some of it didn't disappoint while some I was disappointed. Let's not dwell in those disappointment.

Anyway, moving on with some highlights...

Not everyday we get to have this at RM 3.50

And this awesomeness... best...

The hype is real. This is awesome.

Must-do when visiting Penang.

I said it before last year when I had retreat, it was tiring. Yes, this one as well. There were good and bad which I won't want to dwell in it as well.

The heat didn't help as well. I know it's the el-nino's fault.. well...

Nevertheless, at least there were some lessons for me when I come to Penang again in future. Definitely I want to come back again to spend more time exploring the food.

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