Friday, January 29, 2016

#TLmeets pt 2

More #TLmeets........

 Hangout with these KK kids at Setapak.

Round 3. Yes, round 3. At some boardgames shop at Setapak with Deborah Ho as the added guest. Round 2 was previous pic and Round 1 was at Williams. Regretted I went there.

 With former coursemate Shuk Wai, trying Vietnamese sandwhich.

 With these worship team member champs at the best nasi lemak in Seapark.

With cousin Michelle. Can't believe she ordered that huge pizza. But that pizza is the best pizza i had. So meaty yet so good. So full that I didn't have dinner.

 (pic credit : Enoch Tay) had yamcha with some church peeps after FCC equipping course.

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