Monday, February 1, 2016

January makanz

Let's start from 1st day of January when I was technically still at KK, I have to have Krutos before flying back to KK.

Me and my fiancee tried Cafe Benne. Disappointing. Too much nuts.

 First meal after touch down at KL.

Victor Lee's welcome gift to me which surprisingly not spicy as I thought. Much to his disappointment.

How I miss this. myburgerlab. But I realized I loved the fries more. Aww.

 mr and mrs Jackson's dinner treat for me. Tonkatsu, located at Main Place

 KGB at MidValley. Surprisingly pleasing.

Nana's Green Tea Ice cream. Costly but very green tea-ish.. if there's a word for it. 

 Homemade nasi lemak by Hui Ling. Loved her pandan nasi taste!

IKEA meatballs are overrated

Murni's Cheese Naan was the best!! Actually this is called Naan Mozzarella Beckham special. Mouthful name for a mouthful meal.

 So I tried Williams a week later and it was very disappointing. So normal.
O boy.. how I miss rotiboy

I visited GroundEatery, a shop opened by my friend Shirley. Love the environment and food. These are the highlights and the best.

This was how big the pizza that my cousin ordered. For two person. Yea, I had to takeaway!

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