Wednesday, August 19, 2015

#TLtravels - Telupid pt 2

One week after my last post.. so what has been going on?

on Friday 14th Aug, we had a friendly match with a local village's football team. We won 1-0.

Keeping the winning run, we had another friendly match against the youths of the church here, St Luke and we won 3-2. Sunday, they wanted a rematch, also same score of 3-2 win. lolz.

There was exams on Saturday and Monday morning.

For Sunday, I was sent out for church visiting where I visited two churches which was very far into the estate. About 1 hour plus drive, it was a grueling journey. It makes me appreciate the ministry here, it's not easy to travel that long every week.

On Monday night, we had bbq.. sort of party night.. it was ok, some of the food was good.. but the highlight was the slaughter of a pig.. which I got to see the whole process..

Meanwhile, EPL has started!! MU so far having a good run...

Besides that, had this American lecturer who looks like very young for his age...can't believe he is 70 but look like 50s...

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