Tuesday, August 25, 2015

back from Telupid

Well.. here I am typing on my new laptop.

Yes, really thank God for this massive blessing! My previous laptop was beyond repair and ASUS decided to replace it with a brand new one (since mine was still under warranty). This laptop though is slightly bigger than my previous one, but i am happy with the bigger and clearer screen. I also got the colour that i originally wanted. Awesome all in all.

Thank You God and thank you Asus for this!

Backtrack to my last few days in Telupid, basically been busy revising for final exam of the semester. Then, my trip back was as though i sat on a 4 hours roller-coaster ride. Even though there were some short stops, my head is totally spinning now. Glad to be safe at KK.

One of the best durian i had in this month. Ate this during the pitstop, bought from one of the stalls roadside. Big and meaty, taste just right. Heavenly all to say!

Anyway, try to catchup with work, life and post-packing.. while enjoying and getting use to the new laptop...

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