Thursday, August 27, 2015

Pixar and pixels

So I been away for few weeks from town.. time to catchup on some latest movies...

Decided not to watch Fantastic Four after reading so much bad reviews about it. Looks like I will be contended with the dvd release in future instead. My original plan was to watch it when I am back but after reading the reviews, I changed my plans.

Anyway, watched 2 movies in the space of 3 days though.

First... was Inside Out. Quite surprising that Malaysia got a late release instead for this movie. Pixar does it again with a wonderful idea and story. Enjoyed it. Giving it a 8/10

The short before the movie, not one of the best shorts from Disney or Pixar in recent times but the tune is still stuck in my heart.

Then next, I watched Pixels.

Not much of a solid storyline, not an Adam Sandler classic but Pixels is still largely entertaining as it features all the classic arcade games coming alive.

Man, really bring back memories of playing games like Centipede, Donkey Kong when I was a kid.The PacMan chasing scene is cool. Wish it can be real, the thought of chasing it in a car around town would be fun... but not when it eats the power pellet to get back at you la..

Giving it 7/10.. partly of the jokes and the fun.

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