Tuesday, July 14, 2015



It's a place where comic geeks and movie buffs go to get crazy there over toys, movie news, games.

Well.. anyway, the biggest comic-con out there is happening.. which is San Diego Comic Con

Right now, I just have to be contented by tracking the news via internet and social media. Anyway, the biggest news came out on Sunday, which was the release of Batman v Superman trailer.


Whatever I read about the movie is in that trailer, especially if you spot it scene by scene.

Thanks to overzealous fans who went in and recorded via handphones, fans around the internet world get to have a look also at the latest trailer of Suicide Squad, Deadpool and X-Men. I must say all of these trailer were interesting as it gives fans first view of how the heroes looks (apart from just still picture)

Thanks to those leaks, Suicide Squad trailer was released ahead of time. Poor DC.

But my reaction to this trailer is.. well.. nothing much. Just seeing how the characters move and sound instead of just pictures and a view of the new Joker played by Jared Leto. A bit haunting if you ask me but that's who Joker is.

Marvel Cinematic Universe meanwhile didn't have a big press conference like it does every year as they focused more on marketing Ant-Man and other of their stuff. Fox's Marvel Universe meanwhile though were busy promoting Deadpool and X-men movies.

There were another juicy news like news about DC tv series and other movies.

All in all.... that's why I want to go comic-con!

Something to do..or MUST do... before I leave this world...

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