Thursday, July 16, 2015

ant-man's big punch

When they first announced that Ant-Man is in production, it did get some attention from me. Marvel been talking for years to develop it and finally, they took a brave step to include it in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). What was more surprising that it was placed after Avengers 2 on the phase 2 list, which caught me by surprise. Hank Pym supposed to be the original Avengers, if based on the comics.

Then they announced that Michael Douglos is Hank Pym while Ant-Man of this movie is Scott Lang, played by Paul Rudd who usually appears in comedy movies. So.. all this settings, it did got me wondering how this gonna turn out.

Slowly it all take shape, watching the trailer got me convinced a little. Then Edgar Wright left the director seat mid-way, so it looks like the odds are against the film.

Early reviews from last week's premiere in USA surprised me again as most rated it highly.

So.... it got me warm up to watch the movie...

And boy...

I would be brave to say Ant-man is one of the best Marvel studios film in recent history. Better than avengers 2 which was overhyped.

Like Guardians last year, I wondered what stories can they tell but i was proven wrong. I am actually glad to see how their story managed to incorporate into the whole Marvel cinematic universe.

Lots of connections to other Marvel films which die-hard fans can spot them, including the customary Stan Lee cameo. Just one small leak i can tell : there is indeed 2 post-credit scenes which you must NOT miss.

So, i rate it 9/10.

Was better than Avengers 2.

SO now... BRING ON PHASE 3 of MCU!

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