Saturday, July 18, 2015

#TLtravels - Kudat

It was my first time going to Kudat.

Well, I went there because it was the English zone leaders' retreat. Left KK quite early in the morning and I thought I can sleep in the van. Boy, i was wrong. Find it hard to sleep, moreover the roads were bumpy a bit.

Had a rushed breakfast before we went for session.

Basically it was non-stop activity after another. Session then lunch then another then visit the Tip of Borneo. It was quite a distance.

Anyway, love the scenery here. Worth the trip.

Then after that, it was dinner. then another session then finally can head back to hotel to rest.

Next day.. kinda the same.. breakfast then session then makan then visit the oldest anglican church in Sabah.

They have turned it into a museum but don't worry, the church congregation just had a better building opposite it.

After that, we head back to KK.

Retreat was kinda busy for me. No time to rest. aiya. But glad to finally explore Kudat even though it is quite a small and simple town. 

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