Saturday, July 11, 2015

laptop down

Late Thursday night, my laptop decided to crash on me.

Send it to the shop and it took me a few hours to get things done. Although it is under warranty, they needed to get parts from KL because it's hardware problem and they can't confirm when they can get the laptop repaired. They said at least 2 week. Worse, I have to save and backup my data or else risk losing everything I have inside.

Things like this reminds me that technology life is so fragile and it is so inconvenient when it breaks down. It's true that we overdependent on it but that's modern life to you. Yea, the breakdown disrupt my working flow and my assignment flow.

I managed to borrow a laptop from gf to cover on my work and assignment. Although it gets laggy at times but it is better than none. The temporary laptop managed to help me continue my daily schedule meantime as I wait for mine to get repaired. 

O lappie.. hope you come back fast...

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