Thursday, July 30, 2015

makan makan di KK (JULY edition)

INCH CAFE -- too bad it's opening hours quite similiar to usual office working hours but their coffee is one of the best around in KK. Okay, i didn't have coffee this time around. Green tea latter was good as well

SOCIALIZE - heard and read about this place located at Metrotown, KK. Nice shop although it's small. Some of their food, from first impression of looking, looks so-so while maybe some would taste good. One of it is lamb burger which I think it's one of the better food on their menu. My gf's chicken chop looked miserable. Perhaps for girls' portion, it's ok but if i ordered hers.. i would probably flipped.

BIRU-BIRU recently revamped their menu. So i tried this wicked drink of Mango-coconut. Seriously wicked taste. hahaha. Price might be a turn-off to some but then it's at tourist spot.. so.. kinda understandable.

Still love their fish tacos though. yumz.

I rarely go to OldTown but recently I saw they have this nasi.. so decided to give it a try and I thought it was nice. Oily though.

FRUTO have different combination of food drinks.. so sometimes i get a bit adventurous which can be dangerous.. endup with some funny taste drink... it's fruits anyway...

Tg Aru sometimes doesn't fail to make me happy. I always ordered my drinks from stall 6, the aunty is super friendly.

I miss the mee tuaran here!! Need to have it again. Quite near Inanam.

GF recently brought me to try this. At Damai.. called Captian Cook. Superb noodles with tomyam.

Korean toast at OCTOBER, the branch that is near Gaya Street. Nice snack.

This is at the Hut at City Mall. I give it 7/10. Wasn't terrible but not superb. Just tasty enough and very filling. Big eaters could be happy with it.

One uncle in the church brought me all the way to towering to have Indian food. Not bad.

Glad that grabbing hands are back! this time at Gaya Street.

Lolz.. lots of food but that means lots of effort to keep fit....

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