Wednesday, July 29, 2015


So i started my day by preaching in front of some KK anglican pastors. Another great learning experience to add to my Sabah adventure..

Past few days, it's been quite lively.

22nd-25th July had prayer school event with ps Julius again and boy, it was out of this world stuff. It was tiring physically but spiritually was refreshing.

Thank God for the experience especially in leading worship in this event. It was really incredible, personally felt touched and honored that God allowed me to be a blessing to this diocese.

and even His blessings as I sold my albums during the event. Also blessed to meet so many people during those days.

On national-front, there's a lot going on. As I learnt from the prayer school, instead of complaining and moaning, another thing we can do is to pray earnestly. Prayer is a powerful weapon no matter what situation.

Anyway, my laptop is still in "hospital". They gave me a call yesterday, I thought they are close to get it done. Turns out there's more to be done.. i mean seriously? Getting fedup but what to do... anyway, using my gf's colleague's laptop which is much better than the other laptop I used.

So does my "custom acoustic" guitar is in "hospital" too... because some wiring broke. Aiyo....

Anyway, now I have to get ready to spend 3 weeks plus at Telupid for next round of residential. Mmmm...

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