Saturday, August 1, 2015

1st rain on the 1st august

It's been raining for few hours. Not complaining.

Wait. the only complain I have is that I have to wakeup early in the morning for prayer meeting. Why why why... when weather is so wonderful to be on bed but I have to wakeup for work... oh well...

It's August already. The only thing in my mind and my heart is realizing how little time left in 2015. Just left a few more months then 2016 comes.

I think it's time to prepare myself emotionally, mentally and (some say) physically for the days (and months) ahead. At this point, I can only trust in God. Seeking His face.

Taking one step at a time is the key now. What's first on the line now is another residential studies stint at Telupid for 3 weeks. Man, by the time I come back from Telupid, it's already end of August, going onto September. See, how time flies.........

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