Friday, February 27, 2015

new hobby

I officially declare that my new hobby is collection Lego Superheroes.

But I am not so crazy to buy everything out there. I been limiting myself to just buy Marvel characters.

Ok ok.. they are not pure LEGOs.. i mean the official LEGOs.. but bootleg versions, or should I say China versions.. Mainly have been buying from two brands -- decool and SY

Here are some samples...

Fantastic Four by SY. I a bit regret actually buying this version, the decool brand's version is better, especially the Thing.

One of my favourites in the collection : War Machine and Hulkbuster.

And I looked high and low for my favourite Marvel character. At one point, most shops here at KK didn't have it until they restocked.

Another of my favourites in my collection is Guardians of the Galaxy. Apparently, they just came out with Groot.. would be getting my hands on it someday! muahhahaha

Here is my latest collection and.. again.. these few joins into my list of favourites so far. Magneto, Ant-Man, Beast, Daredevil and Storm. I love their designs and it looks super cool.

I slowly love the decool versions...

Anyway, I started off mainly focus on superheroes.. especially with the Avengers' core team. It slowly evolved to other Marvel characters but recently I added some villains. Trying to limit myself or else, I have no space.. or I need a bigger glass for it!

I think you will be surprise when I say almost half of my collection is gifts from people. How blessed right? :)

Hope a few interesting ones would be out .. i bet they will have Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver and Ultron soon since Avengers 2 is coming out soon...

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