Monday, March 2, 2015

march 2015 pt 1

It's close to a week since I came back from holidays.

CNY season is gonna end soon, so I am very grateful that I was blessed a few angpows on Sunday. 

Anyway, one thing that stood out for me today is how God can answers prayers.

I was carrying boxes of books with a few people and half through the carrying, I was asking God in my heart, "God, can You send more people to help us?". True enough, suddenly at least 10 boys from the church academy came to me and asked whether they can help. Wow. I can never forget their enthusiasm in helping us, they are as funny as watching the Minions working.. but actually the better (or best) word to describe them is that they are angels send by God =D

I wish every Malaysian kids can have such attitude and enthusiasm.. 

Sometimes Monday is not that bad as people try to paint it...

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