Thursday, January 22, 2015

one more week

Yes, one more week left in my residential studies.

So far been alright, it's good also to wakeup each morning with cool nature weather and the sight of mt Kinabalu.

I have already survived 4 subjects' lectures with one more to come plus 2 more exams. I thought last month was tough, but then this month has redefine it. 

Nevertheless, so far I am good.

Recently, I got my results of all the exams and assignments I took in 2014 and my study schedule for 2015.

Again and again I say this, can’t believe how I managed to survived 2014 with all those subjects and everything arranged for me. Really praise God that He has blessed me well in those exams and assignments.

But at the same time, as I look ahead in my study schedule for 2015, it looks more challenging. That means more exams and more assignments. All of these squeeze within a year. I wonder how I am going to survive when I look at the schedule. Mind you, there’s ministry and other aspect of life.

Sometimes I am caught in the thought where I told myself things like “what have I got myself into??”

But then, if you really want to be effective person and see your “career” going somewhere, I have to go through this.

Well, I guess God’s timing is always perfect. It is just the matter of learning how to see it and understand it from His perspective.

I pray for strength to go through it. I pray for the faith to trust in Him.

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