Sunday, January 18, 2015

mid-jan 2015

11 days away from end of this residential…

Last Thursday spend only few hours at KK. Few hours does feel fast. The reason I was down awhile is because of the ATi graduation. Not mine yet but was asked to lead worship. It was good, able catchup with some friends and pastors. At the same time, enjoy my own room for a short while. After been away for few weeks, looking at my own room does give me some sentimental feeling.

Had exams recently and it dawn upon me that this semester is much challenging that last month. I thought taking 4 exams in a month was tough. Now, there is 4 exams with 5 subjects’ assignment. Life gets tougher, eh…

So, basically taking challenges as it comes.

But last week’s lecture on EHS, I had this brilliant Australian lecturer Dr Brian who was a very encouraging guy. He even spoke prophetically over me. Pretty much blown by it because the day before I received that prophecy, I felt God was depositing something in me during my sleep about worship. So Dr Brian is like confirming those words from God.

Sometimes having residential at the start of the month might look as though it disrupt the flow of the ministry. But now, I just feel perhaps it is good for me to slow down and hear from God then prepare my heart for 2015.

A lot of thoughts have been playing in my mind. But sometimes these thoughts points me to focus on God.

Anyway, hope to see 2015 will turn out to be a great year yet. 

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