Friday, January 9, 2015

first post of 2015

Maybe this is the first post of 2015.

Sorry that only on the 9th day of 2015 that I managed to post something. Life from 2014 to 2015 has been pretty eventful until I have left blogging as one of the last thing on the list.

And I just saw the email about notification of how many visitors on my blog. The figures didn't surprise me. hahaha.

Recap a bit :- 1st day of 2015 was simple meals and walking around. 2nd day of 2015, I was asked to emcee a wedding at church. It was an awkward experience honestly. Dinner, thankfully I wasn’t asked to do so but the karoke session later of that night probably left some guests annoyed including me. I know some Chinese would like to have this during the wedding banquet, but personally, it’s not a good thing.. especially when you have a few drunkard singers onstage. Anyway, I am not here to be a moral police…

3rd day of 2015 was busy getting ready everything before going off for residential studies. 4th day of 2015 probably was best remembered by MU’s FA cup win.

So now I am at Kokol Mountain doing my residential studies. For the first few days, I caught a flu bug which was not helping. After a pill, gallons of drinking water and some rest, today as I am typing this, I feel much better… except my throat feeling the aftermath of the flu bug.

I love the weather here but sometimes I am annoyed how my body reacts to the cold. Aih.

Study-wise, I appreciate all the lessons I have here so far. A lot of good thoughts and reflection. Hopefully I get to share some of them.

This morning, experienced God’s blessings. I managed to get cheap tickets back for CNY. Not just that, suddenly a worship team member dropped by and surprised me with a delicious tuaran mee. One of the best I had. All this brings back to the Wednesday prayer when I was told that I will experience joy… indeed this is just a glimpse of things to come. Believing more is on the way from God.

Another 20 more days left in Kokol.

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