Saturday, November 22, 2014

Wild wild west malaysia trip journal pt 1

Fun fact : first trip back to the West since I moved to KK for ministry.. so...

FRIDAY midnight
Reach KLIA2. I admit this is my first time stepping into that place and boy, i am taken aback how big and modern the place is. Totally new. Much bigger than KLIA1.

I admit I miss Subway a lot since I am at KK so unashamedly, ordered this while waiting for Jackson to pick me up.

And yes, I stayed at his place for this trip.

As planned, I must have that legendary Dim Sum shop near where I used to stay, USJ.. which has the bacon dimsum. YES. bacon. BACON!

So how do you say this.. MAIN (as in English word) or MAIN (play in BM)... hahaha.. kidding...

Apparently it's the English word..

Next agenda of the day is attending Johnny's wedding then later on, his dinner. In between, hangout at Pyramid and FCC awhile.


It's been some time I last sat in the FCC congregation. Feels good to be "home", feels good to catchup with a lot of friends at FCC. Words ain't enough to describe how great I am to see everyone.

I read and seen so much about Marco's new shop at Sunway. Yes, his Crispy Crust business now extended to a shop itself. Was there to try his food.

 Not bad.

After that, went to htbb to say hi to some of my Ipoh friends and Luke Hellenbroth there.  

Then spend the whole evening around the KL "golden triangle" area -- Times Square, Sg Wang, Lot 10, Pavillion. Okay.. that is more than 3 angles there...

Dinner.. as planned.. go myburgerlab!!

Miss this burger and fries here.

Jackson insisted that since we are at Seapark, we need to visit Nasi Bumbung. well, he has a point since the nasi lemak ayam there is legendary as well.

Yes, 2 rounds of dinner!

Here's the epic dinner meal crew. Mickey (hidden, not sure why he want to hide, maybe he doesnt want girls to know him) plus Victor, Caroline together with mr and Mrs Jackson and Audrey.

Part 2 of West Malaysia trip later... stay tuned...

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