Sunday, November 16, 2014

Johnny Bravo!

Nothing to do with that cartoonish guy...

Since last year, I already promised my childhood friend that I will attend his wedding. That's main reason why I am back at West Malaysia.

We grew up together since primary school at SMI and sunday school. Same class at primary school although by secondary school, we were at different classes. Still same school, so we still bump into each other. Moreover, we became school prefects and also in the same uniform body -- st john ambulans -- but he is more passionate in St John than me. Lolz.

Long story short, we still keep in touch which each other since we are at KL.

So last year, he told me he is gonna get married and so, here we are...

Simple ceremony at a simple church.

And I was surprise he asked me to do a selfie with me. Seriously was taken aback. Lolz.

Congrats to you and Lillian.  I am genuinely happy for you both and may God bless you both!

And thanks for using my song "Complete" for your march-in and march-out. My song have been used in many weddings but Johnny trumps all by using it for the two important march. wow and lolz. haha.

Special thanks to godsis Wendy for directing me to the church and also to the Seremban dinner. without her, this trip would be pointless. haha.

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