Sunday, November 23, 2014

wild wild west malaysia trip journal pt 2

Thanks to Rev Philip and Hirai, I managed to borrow a car from FCC to drive back to Ipoh. Reach Ipoh around lunchtime and with dad, went to see the famous mural arts around the old town area.

Man.. each time i come back to Ipoh, I am shocked how Ipoh changed..

A lot of cafes.. and interesting places...

Even Ipoh Parade become so happening. When I was still in youth, it looks a bit rundown and now it looks like some KL-like shopping mall. It's good actually.

Full day spend in Ipoh

24 hours later, I am back in KL.

After returning the car to FCC, met Jackson + wife and Donald at Pyramid and we had lunch at the all-American shop Johnny Rockets.

I am actually surprise how nice is this branch. Really looks like something out from those Hollywood movies, the typical burger bar.

So from Ipoh to American meal... mmm.. I am pleased.

Then, the gang decided to watch Big Hero 6.

Very enjoyable movie. They even have a post-credit scene. Lolz. Love it too.

I give it 8/10.

Dinner at Rev Philip's house. Almost every night I feel so full. Blessings indeed and means I have to start to watching my weight again. lolz.

Hangout at 1Utama nearly the whole day. Met Yapp for lunch and we tried this new Vietnamese shop that kinda look like Subway.

Not bad, I actually like it.

Dinner... well.. it was epic meal time, ultimate cheat day meal to cap off the last night of my holidays. Wu wu. Yes it was at Carnaval.

Mind you, this is just a small portion of what was eaten....

Left KL at 1230pm and arrived KK around 315pm. 

So that's pretty much sum up my holidays at KL. Tiring but fruitful. 

Starting to miss my life at west Malaysia but life goes on. Meanwhile, enjoy life as it comes!

Now back to usual programs here at KK....

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