Monday, July 28, 2014

1 week at Telupid

1 week has gone since I have arrived here at Telupid. Time flies. another 2 more weeks to go. 

Experience here has been priceless. I am living in a semi-"kampung" area where electricity blinks time from time, internet continues to push your patience, bugs everywhere, humid condition, old-skol washroom, room that looks like a cheap motel. 

But all is good. Not complaining. So when Canon Khee Vun asked me how I am doing, hard for me to give him a straight answer, neither good or bad. I think there are some aspect of this residential can be done better. Either ways, like I said.. so far so good.

It's a good change to wakeup hearing nature and enjoy the interior parts of Sabah. 

Away from busyness of life can be good sometimes. It gave me some space to think about life and ponder about life. Get to have quiet time with God in nature. Time to chit chat with Him about life and through those conversation, I realized how God really led me. There are times I always disappointed with some areas of my life but God always tell me.. be patience, time will come. Devotion time really helps, there was one day I was reminded that never run ahead of God.. always walk with Him. The problem sometimes we have is that we always tend to run too fast.. moving ahead of God. 

I just finished one paper of Moore college. Confident in answering then after exam, i realized how my answers could have strayed away. Oh no. Just pray and hope for the best.

Sunday at least we get to go out and relax in nearby market. my coursemate spent us all durians. 

Apart from that, thanks internet for being alive here. Get to update myself with what happen in the massive San Diego Comic-Con. Lots of news that give geeks like me so much to look forward.. like Avengers 2, Ant-Man and Batman v. Superman. 

Having said so, to add to my disappointment that I can't catch Guardians on the premiere week (which is this week). Looks like I have to watch it once I am back. By then should still have. I mean it's a massive Marvel movie in a way. Plus other movies like Hercules and TMNT. 

Anyway, before i pound myself with more misery, I should say well, there's 2 more weeks to go. hahaha. 

But jokes aside, experience here, again I said, have been priceless. Learning to enjoy life with God :)

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