Monday, July 21, 2014

tim at telupid

last week was just the beginning of busy times ahead.

When I think what I need to do for August, man, I felt overwhelmed.

3 weeks in Telupid for residential studies. Then international conference at ASC -- Emotional Healthy Spirituality conference. Then exams. Then there's a student conventional which I guess I would be around to help. Then there's Synod. Everything that is going to happen will bring me through August, yes... just like that my August will fly.

Really need God's strength.

Right now at Telupid typing this entry. At first I am a bit hesitant to be here but what to do, it's part of training. Was reminded just now about the purpose of serving so.. i believe I can make it through, just treasure every part of the journey then.

not the journey to Telupid though. I had carsickness after all the swirling and turning during the trip up here. Thank God I managed to catch a nap once I got my room. Saw Ranau and Kudansang on the way here, reminds me so much of Camerons. Wished got more time to explore these towns.

Aye. time to bath and dinner soon. Update later.

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