Sunday, August 11, 2013

FCC camp 2013

Camp overall was good.

Just that some minor details could have done better.

First day was tiring for me. To drive 3 hours there then prepare the sound system with Jackson and some people.

Food was good for me, better than all the previous church camps. The only letdown was their variety is limited and their slow service. If not, it was perfect.

My room's bathroom is not fixed but since it's just two nights, we kinda let it be.

A lot of people went out for fun and games but I admit I just stayed around the resort due to tiredness. So.. Friday I just took a long nap in noon and played indoor games at night.

Sermon-wise, am blessed by Rev Aow. Really learn a lot.

It seems this is the highest camp attendance by FCC..

By the way, I didn't mentioned about the venue. Bukit Gambang. Not bad place, just that some details they could have managed better.

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