Friday, May 17, 2013

thanks Becks

The funny thing was today's (thursday) lunch, I was discussing with my colleague Dinry about how long some living legend footballers can go on.. one of them is Beckham since both of us are quite a fan of him.

In fact, i gave him one year to go on.

Then at night, once I reach home, I opened my internet and saw the news that he has retired from football.

Slightly stunned about his decision but somehow you knew his time is around the corner.

Well, that's life. People come and go.

Ya.. what a year to remember. Sir Alex announced his retirement recently, so does Phil Neville and Scholes. Butt and Gary Neville did so in the past... and now Beckham. Now Giggs is the survival from that "Fergie's Fledgling" batch..  and one wonders how much he can go on. The last time I saw Giggs play.. man.. he plays like he is 5 years younger.. @@

Anyway, I must say I m glad to grow up watching him playing. Even before his pre-Posh Spice days.

No doubting his talent despite his hot temper at times and also his celebrity hype.. His passing and crossing is just sublime. Who can doubt his ability to take free kicks? You hold your breath sometimes.

I believe he has inspired a generation of footballers and football fans.. like me.. I grew up playing my football, trying to model after him.. to a point my friends always call me Beckham. Awww.. *shy*

Thanks for the memories Becks. I m sure you gonna be busy with your football ambassador job and more celebrity endorsement.


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