Thursday, May 16, 2013

beam me up Scotty

Yesterday, watched Star Trek:Into Darkness with gf.

I am not a big Trekkie fan.. i m noob about this franchise compare most people out there. I am more of a Star Wars fan..

I watched the previous Star Trek movie actually and wasn't impressed with it. However, since it's a major franchise, I want to see how it perform..

After watching this sequel, I left the cinema in awe. Off-the-seat stuff!! Bravo JJ Abrams.

To think he is gonna helm the Star Wars movies.. one can only wonder how it's gonna be. Looking forward to see then.

I think non-Trekkie fans would appreciate this movie.. that's no need to go through the whole franchise to get the feel of it. 

Giving it 8/10

If you have to ask, i rate it higher than Iron Man 3. 

On a lighter note, Zachary's Spock reminds me of Sheldon (of big bang theory fame)... just without being too annoying and obnoxious. HAHA.

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