Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Recently, we have a feedback written on the church communication slip that is as long as Santa's list...

We honestly valued those feed back because it helps us to improve.

Of course, we went ahead to correct and take note of the points. But then, this is not the first time I have come to a thought where it got me thinking.. what has gotten into the minds of modern church goers these days? Do you come to serve OR be served?

No.. don't get me wrong for asking this question.

It came to a point where sometimes I want to know the intention of asking. If we spend every week going to each church and evaluating each aspect of the church, how we are gonna focus on worship?

You may say little details matter, well, I agree... but then it shouldn't be a such a burden that it distract you from worship.

So we should get things well so we don't distract people. True.. but how perfect can a church be?

Everyone wants to the best for God's church.. even myself. But I personally think we shouldn't be too focus on the outside when we forget what is the inside.

And I am not saying we will be idle in improving.

I m seriously worried with the fact of that consumerism has crawled into worshippers' lives. Actually it is happening.. that's why I m worried.

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