Friday, May 17, 2013


This year I learnt a lot in dealing with disappointments.

I admit this year I am disappointed with lots of people. People who are on top of me and under me. People around me, society around me. People I m close with. People that's not related to me.

Almost everyday, someone or something must disappoint me.

Everyday I need to learn to be patience. Really thank God I m not Bruce Banner or I will go HULK-ing on everyone.

There are times patience and good nature got a better of me.

It's so true that the Bible says people can disappoint you, but God never. To consolidated that, "some trust in chariots, but we trust in the word of God" -- Psalms 20:7

That in fact drives me on, makes me move on.

I enjoy little things more. Like dates with friends/gf, meals, futsal, games, songwriting, tv series.

I m not saying I want to runaway from problems but there's no point dwelling in negativeness.

Problems are real, reality can be a pain in the back BUT God is real and bigger.

So.. yea.. that's how i deal with disappointment..

It's just me that sometimes I don't show it.. i m too cool perhaps...

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