Tuesday, April 2, 2013

big bad wolf

Was recommended this burger by Rick Sim and wife..

I thought I should go and try myself..

And boy.. in short.. awesome..

The name of this burger is called Big Bad Burger.

Served in a shop located at Bangsar Village called Big bad wolf. Price was around rm28.

I love the presentation of the food. Salad is good, chips was superb.

To the burger.. the patty was nice. Didn't have the strong porky smell which some people won't love it. The meat is quite juicy and not messy when you cut. I have seen some patties just crumble when you cut it.

What makes the burger awesome is the BACON! love it...!!

Priced at rm28. Worth the experience.

Again, I say, as a set.. it's worth the money.

There have other burgers, salad, pasta or even desserts served there. My gf had pasta.

I wrote this simple review because I received a lot of comments on FB after posting the picture of that BACON..

Anyway, thumbs up from me.

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