Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Currently blogging from Seremban..

Am here for 4 days TEE course. Starting with New Testament subject. My first day verdict? Trying to get use to study life again.. like sitting in lectures, trying grasp the lecturer's sharing, the thoughts of doing assignment, staying in campus.

Feels like in those church camp right now. feel little lonely although I only know a guy here who will be taking me out for dinner. Made me miss a lot of people now.. made me appreciate my KL life.

STM is not a bad place actually.

And I pray for God's strength and courage be upon me. Suddenly my car developed a "sickness" while travelling.. got me worried a bit :(

That includes along all the things supposed to be done soon.. man.. worrying a bit. Need a bit of faith, courage and prayer.

And today, our dear PM made that long awaited announcement of the Parliament dissolving. Time to pray for the country too :)

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