Monday, April 1, 2013

testimony about making the Easter cover

Really thank God that we had the opportunity to do that cover.

I actually saw it on Sidney's FB and I straight away forwarded that to my team, saying let's try. We planned and with limited time and resource, we do what we can.

I admit I was worried whether we can make it. Many questions asked.. whether by members about the preparation or even my own self about the whole idea.

It's quite an ambition to push ourself to see what we can do and achieve. More of testing waters to see how far can we go.

On that day itself, we faced challenges like some of us were tired by the time of recording (because it was a full day for some of us), solving minor details, then out of sudden, i had a minor stomachache. When we practice, some of our gears didn't work and we were still trying to sort the arrangement 'perfectly'.

After much tries, we managed to pull off. When i said, "it's a wrap" .. there's a sense of relief and peace. Suddenly my thoughts brings me back to what this cover all about.. JESUS

He endured suffering, shame, pain.. so He can died on the Cross for us.. so we can be saved and can come to the Father. When He said it is done, the whole world stood in silence.. as the King of Majesty has completed God's ultimate plan -- brings us back to Him.

When Jesus said "it is done".. there's a sense of peace and at the same time, something powerful happened.

That totally brings a different perspective to me after I finished the Easter cover.

I hope this year's Easter has been meaningful to you.. as much it has been to me.

Anyway, thanks all for your support for the video. There were many LIKES, SHARE and positive feed backs. Keep sharing, keep enjoying.. all in all, praise God for everything! :D

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