Monday, March 21, 2011

thankful for a team -- FCC Eng WT

Today I just dedicate this simple post to thank God for the amazing worship team I have.

Being in worship ministry is my calling. To lead one also something that God has inspired me to do so and when I respond to God's calling to do so, I never thought it will be that easy. Indeed it never was.

It was so much sweat, tears, sacrifices, ups and downs. Sometimes I wonder if God given me this responsibility rightly or not.

But at the end of the day, it is His ministry.

To hear positive feedback, to hear how God work in the lives of people, to hear how people enjoy worshipping God, to hear how God working and moving mightily --- all this really touches my heart and encouraged me.

I m amazed time from time, humbled by His grace always.

I take it as an encouragement for the team to improve and go to greater heights. There's still shortcomings because we are human but we are serving a great King :)

There's much to do. For now, I praise God for all the things He has done in the ministry. I m only His servant, doing my master's will. I m still learning, we as a team are still learning.

So Lord, I pray that You will continue to lead this ministry for it is Yours and may everything that we do glorify Your name. Lead us we pray.


Worship gathers all the contrast and chaos of life and places it before God -- Reuben Morgan's Twitter.

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