Tuesday, February 1, 2011

comin home comin home..

Started my journey on Tuesday morning 5am and while driving, Diddy (or whatever these days he call himself)'s new song was on air -- Coming Home..

How appropriate the song was.. as I was driving back to Ipoh..

Tuesday was a rather packed day but do what I can to benefit my time at Ipoh.
This is how it went..

Reach Ipoh at 720am. After 5minutes of arrival, had dim sum breakfast at Kao Lee.

After breakfast, reach home then after 10minutes, went out to check my car aka Batmobile aka Night Fury. When I was about to reach home, my car start 'coughing' -- making loud sounds that worried my dad, so we went to dad's friend's workshop and got it fix.

Went back, rested for 1 hour or so -- FB-ing, Twitter-ing and nap then lunch. After lunch, went Jusco to jalan awhile.

Reach home around 3pm. Again -- FB awhile and nap. Around 430pm, we 3 Lim bros went for futsal at Extreme Park Sunway. Yes the Ipoh version, not KL. Yes I know KL has similiar name and traits.

The place was much cleaner and cool to play. Had fun playing futsal with some SPC youths & an uncle. I spend most of the time being keeper as no one in my team interested to play keeper, i think.

After 2 hours, reach home then dinner.

So there, packed Tuesday...

Well, it's nice to be home.. food at hometown always taste better than anywhere...

So wo... it's February already!! CNY comin...comin..

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