Wednesday, January 26, 2011

2011 staff retreat

24th to 25th Jan 2011 - Staff retreat - at Malacca..

On Monday 24th, we went to enjoy Malacca scenery first. A Malacca trip would never been complete if one never visits the famous Jonker Street. The last I came here was nearly 3 to 4 years ago with my former coursemates to shoot a documentary here.

Went to try all the most talked stuff in Jonker Street such as laksa, durian cendol and chicken rice ball. I had durian cendol twice in two different places, but the 2nd bowl in a different place was way better than the first. Sorry for ignoring the shops' name.. ignorance..

Chicken rice ball.. little bit disappointing. Just okay for me. Can someone bring me somewhat tastier ones?

Evening, we drove to Aloh Gajah to stay at a place recommended by Ka Seng called El Sanctuary.

It is a simple yet nice place runned by a Eurasian family and they are really down-to-earth folks. I guess if you want more pics of the place, the website has it..

Stayed in those kampung-looked chalets..

Even their dogs are so friendly and tame. They keep following us, wanting to play with us. The best thing was when we first arrived, the dogs went and greet us and took us to our chalets. Talk about top-dog service!!

This was lunch. We basically had dinner, breakfast, lunch there -- all our 3 meals were superb!

Of course besides having fun, boss said the retreat is to spend time with God and also firm up the dates for the year. The firming up dates really gives me a picture of how the year will be.. seems packed but after much thinking, this what the church need sometimes to build that momentum. Furthermore, I feel the church still need to get use to my boss.. he is still considered 'new' -- just like 5 months pastoring FCC compare my previous boss who is at it for 10 years.

So ya, hope God will lead us on...!

Left the place at 130pm Tuesday to travel back to KL. Overall, simple retreat and the memorable part of the whole time in Malacca was food food food...

And who says I wont find kancil in Malacca...

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