Friday, January 21, 2011


This week, I have the 'honor' of playing in all the services this week.. sure my boss/pastor will be sick seeing me on stage...

But recently as I enter the sanctuary, somehow there's this feeling struck me.. like when I see the stage, I saw it from a different angle or perspective. It's like you really appreciate what I see.

I admit sometimes I m blinded by some shortcomings of the equipments and also envy some big mega churches that can afford big budget and branded equipments. But somehow, the feeling that I suddenly got sort of struck me and rebuke me that whatever I have, I should appreciate it.

I guess most churches perhaps take for granted also that they are blessed with such good equipments. Relied so much on them and if anything goes wrong, they cant go on. O yes, true that these equipments (from instruments to LCD) makes the services run smoothly but if anything goes wrong, are we able to worship God? Trust me, I went through some problems over the years, it does give you some stress but at the same time, I able to ask myself, can I still give my best to God even such obstacles happen?

Sometimes I admire some interior places where they just have guitar or no instruments at all but yet, able to sing and shout their hearts out to worship God. I begin to thank God for the blessing He gave to me and church. The point I trying to say is we are called to worship God no matter what.

I hope whatever equipments we have does not be a stumbling block in your worship. Look beyond those sound equipments, lighting equipments and instruments, look to God, fix our eyes upon Him.

Sing joyfully to the LORD, you righteous; it is fitting for the upright to praise him. -- PSALM 33:1

And just ironically, God bless our church with a new handheld mic. Weeee.....

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