Sunday, January 16, 2011

cyberspace post..

So to say, I m trying to find ideas to update this blog as often as possible, with random ideas and stuff.

I admit my head been spinning around for ideas for blogs(yes, many blogs to update due to my music pages) and ministry-wise/work-wise.

I must admit I update FB so often as it seems so easy to just leave the page there and randomly post something simple there. So does Twitter.

However my Tumblr serves as a fun blog to post some pics and other media related stuff.

Dont forget to get my album blogspot, reverbnation and myspace. I really need all your support for this!! Will keep you updated what's next for me as I will be going out touring again and perhaps, recording. Yes, stay tuned!!

Random post at such hour.. mmm... more to come from me soon...

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