Tuesday, January 11, 2011

my first 11 days of my Jan2011

Jan 1st 2011 -

Actually we at FCC had this countdown service/party from 10pm 31st Dec 2010. It was fun to have everyone journey together to the new year. Overall, great time and had a good fellowship later on.

Jan 2nd -
Attended the wedding of my childhood friend Grace Ong's wedding. If you want know more what happen, read her blog. I only was there for dinner onwards btw. aha.

Jan 5th -
Iris Lam decided to treat me and Darren some lunch so we had Bubba Gump. Nice food.

Jan 9th -
Organized worship team fellowship with the English service team. We had a good time of fellowship and from there actually I realized how much I love and appreciate my team. We went through thick and thin a lot.
Before the dinner, I have lots of things to share with them but the time does not permit me to do so. But I was taken aback when Rev was sharing and he commended the team positively which makes me feel happy and really thank God how He led the team so far. There are times it's not easy to lead such a ministry but God's grace is always sufficient. May He lead us to greater heights!

That's all for my short lookback of the first 11 days of Jan 2011. Basically the weeks have been more of preparing everything to get ready to face the whole year of 2011. Tours and events being planned out and I m excited to see how God is going move, how God is gonna use me and everyone to do great things.

And I hope I have more time to blog, sometimes I feel I m rushing into it. O well.. hahaha...

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